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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tour-y Time

Let's continue with the introduction of the star of the blog, the house!

This was the living room before I moved in, during the inspection.  Tons of houses out here have "Pottery Barn decor" which means that this color and similar shades are all over.


Kitchen/dining area with two huge sliding glass doors

This color was EVERYWHERE.


And this is what the bathroom looks like now (more to follow)

Baby gates are very important for keeping puppies out of places they shouldn't be in!

Living room after!  As much as I liked the tan/taupe/whatever color, it was just too much for the living room.  I used Behr's Chai Latte in here to brighten it up, and OH MY GOSH what a difference!

Obviously that's only some of the house!  Finding all my pictures if turning out to be more difficult than I thought!



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