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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top Ten

I wasn't sure what the heck to use for a top ten post.  Most random iPhone pictures?  Favorite movies?  Most ridiculous Wikipedia articles?  Well, since I really haven't been a good blogger in the time that I've had this little corner of the Internet in my control, I've decided on a list of the top ten things you, my dear reader, don't know about me.  Maybe you do know some of these things.  Probably not.  If you're friends with me on Facebook, then yeah, you probably will know these things since that means you most likely know me in the real world.  Anywho....enjoy today's post!

1 - I've moved a lot.  As in, I've lived in eight different states, but moved much more frequently than that.  For awhile there, it averaged one move every eighteen months.  And no, I was not a military brat.

2 - Speaking of moving and living all over the place, this is actually my second time living in Ohio.  The first time was from 1991 - 1996.

3 - I wasn't allowed to listen to TLC when CrazySexyCool came out because their music was too blatantly sexual.  Same reason I couldn't listen to Alanis Morrissette's "You Oughtta Know."  I was allowed to listen to Salt-N-Pepa and Boyz II Men.  Yeah, because their songs aren't blatantly sexual AT ALL.

4 - Chloe is not an only pet.  She also has two kitty sisters, Pandora and Lluvy.  They prefer to hide from me, because Chloe follows me everywhere and likes to attack her siblings.

5 - I'm on the leadership committee for the Columbus Young Professionals Club aka CYP.  That means I get to hang out at all kinds of fun events and schmooze and network and just have fun.

6 - I'm also one of the date participants for the CYP's annual charity fundraiser, Date 2 Remember.  See?  I have my own personal profile! If you happen to live in the area and want to go to the event, get in touch with me for cheap tickets!

7 - I'm not a good sand volleyball player, but I love it.  I'm usually on at least two teams every summer at Flannagan's.

8 - I'm running the Cap City half-marathon in May of this year.

9 - I'm deathly afraid of turning 30 in 2014.  We're talking panic attack level of fear.  My mother was the same way but refuses to admit it.  I was not allowed to mention her birthday at all that summer.

10 -  My favorite movies are Shakespeare In Love and Fight Club.  Seriously.

There you have it, folks!  Hope you enjoyed!

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Monday, January 7, 2013


Imagine my excitement upon seeing today's topic for the Blog A Day series.  SHOES!!!!

Why the excitement?  I love shoes.  L-O-V-E....LOVE them.  I have an obsession with platforms heels especially, since I'm a whole 5'2" on a good day.  When I worked in retail, I couldn't wear anything more than flats most days because I was on my feet anywhere from 12 to 18 hours in a row.

Now, I'll also admit that I probably have too many shoes.  How often do you hear a woman say that?!  My entire top shelf of the closet is filled with heels.  The first little shelf on the side of the closet is filled with boots.  I even have one of those over-the-door pocket thingies, filled with a variety of flats and sandals.  I've decided, upon looking at everything yesterday, that I should probably consider wearing every pair of boots, sandals, flats, sneakers, etc. at least once this year.  If I do that, then I'm not allowed to get rid of any of them.  I should also probably come up with some way of actually tracking my progress, but that's for another time.

The amount of crap....but it's all so nice!!

I have come up with a way to track the wearing of all my hanging clothes though!  I've turned every single hanger backwards, so when I've worn and washed something, I can put it back up with the hanger facing the "right" way.  At the end of the year, anything that's still backwards goes buh bye.  Pinterest is a beautiful thing.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013 already?

Hard to believe it's January 1st, 2013.  The world didn't end last month, or a few months before that.  Chloe and I are still here and still busy.  2012 was quite the eventful year for both of us.  I'm hoping 2013 is a much better year!

I've resolved to get serious about losing weight again, saving more money, and having much less "medical ridiculousness," as I described it last night.  Let's break it down:

Weight loss - this one's easy.  I just need to actually USE my Weight Watchers account and phone app to track EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth.  Started Sunday again, and so far so good.

Save more money - another relatively easy one.  I've been doing my best to really, truly follow a budget, and will be continuing with all of that this year.  It'll be a little bit tougher since the last half of the year required me to spend a lot of money that I was not prepared for, but I'll make it happen.

Medical ridiculousness - between the issues that Chloe and I've had this year, it's been fun.  Chloe needed surgery on her paw in June, then I had to spend an arm and a leg on meds for her and both cats due to a flea infestation in October.  For me, I had my wisdom teeth removed, followed a few months later by an allergic reaction to antibiotics, then finally, yesterday, 12/31/12, I went to the doctor after suffering the whole weekend with yet another allergic reaction.  At least, that's what my doctor and I seem to think it is.  I rang in the new year the only way I could.....asleep in my warm bed by 10pm due to the super-Benadryl I have to take to help with the itch.  So how do I plan on having less of this?  Not getting sick, not going to the doctor unless I absolutely have to, and probably getting some allergy tests done to find out what the heck caused the most recent awful outbreak.

I'm resolving to post more frequently on here.  The plan for that?  Katrina over at 'Sota Is Sexy has started a link-up with another blogger, Lindsey Talerico, with topics for each day of the month!  So far so good, I'd say :) And if you want to participate, click here for now.  I'm working on getting the banner to behave for me!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


One of my absolute favorite blogs is 'Sota Is Sexy.  Katrina is hilarious and always keeps me entertained.  A few weeks ago I won a giveaway for an adorable state charm necklace, and of course, I chose Maryland.  I may officially be from Ohio now, but Maryland will always be my first home.  Anyway, we're Facebook friends now, and I noticed last week that Katrina was looking for guest bloggers.  I offered to write a post, and it'll be up on her blog this Friday!  Trust me, there will be a link to that post.  I wrote it from Chloe's perspective too.  Should be amusing!

I've officially been Ohio now for a little over two years.  Kind of hard to believe....I've been so used to moving frequently that it's a shock to the system to be in one place for an extended period of time.  I still don't get excited over OSU football, and I still get amusement out of how vanilla this town is.  Thankfully I've discovered some new things to do and see out here.  I do wish I had a few more girl friends, since I'm still pretty new out here, but I suppose I'll get there eventually.

This week is Staycation 2012.  The original plan was to go to Cape Cod for the week and see the Falmouth Road Race, but gas is expensive and flights aren't cheap either.  Monday I did basically nothing, Tuesday I took a ton of stuff to the Goodwill store and did some shopping, and today?  Today will probably be pretty low-key too.  Volleyball is tonight, so I'll probably go to Flannagan's early for some relaxing by the pool before the game.  I've been enjoying the break from work, but I am itching to check my work email!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012


I think I'm going to try a personal little challenge.  Rather than this blog being solely about the trials and tribulations of first-time homeownership, I think perhaps I'll write about some personal stuff too.  Maybe?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Let's see....had my wisdom teeth out two weeks ago.  It was awful.  I survived off smoothies, pudding, and Jello for about 10 days.  I did a serious happy dance when I finally got to eat a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich on Friday night.  So what if I've had two more since then?  IT'S WORTH IT!!!

Chloe survived her own surgery.  The vet is extremely pleased with how the paw looks, and I'm extremely pleased with how quickly Chloe returned to her normal crazy Min Pin self.

The heat wave we've been experiencing has been excruciating.  Thankfully it hasn't been too humid (at least, not by my standards of humid).  And during last week's storm, my house only sustained minor damage and I wasn't without power for too long.  Kudos to Home Depot on Trueman Blvd for allowing Chloe to come along with me on Saturday morning!  The only damage to the house was the loss of a few roof peak shingles, some siding was pulled off (and landed in my neighbors' yard), and a gutter was pulled away from the roof on one end.  Now if only the guy my realtor recommended to fix everything would be able to come out today or tomorrow to look over everything and give me a repair quote!

I seriously thought I posted this last week!  Ooops!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Excuses, excuses

I've been much busier the past few months than I ever thought I would be.  Work keeps me on my toes constantly, spring volleyball started and ended, summer volleyball is in full swing, I'm having my wisdom teeth removed in a week and a half, and worst of all, poor Chloe has to have surgery on her right front paw this coming Monday!

I've accomplished very little around the house.  I did clean out the office a tiny bit finally and am looking forward to the community garage sale next Saturday.  Aside from selling some house stuff, there will be clothes and even some great MAC make-up!  I hope I'm able to make a good chunk of change next weekend.

For some reason, I decided to start gardening...sort of.  It's more like plant-watering.  I went down to Baltimore for a friend's wedding a few weeks ago and picked up some gerbera daisies, which I successfully kept alive and even transplanted into a larger pot.  Since I was relatively successful with that, I decided to buy some more planters and plant some seeds.  I also got a few more daisies while up in Alliance for the Memorial Day weekend, and even a green pepper plant!  The birds seem to enjoy my plants too, so I'm on the hunt for some bird spikes or other bird repellent to keep them away.

Skip the next part if you're easily grossed out.  I don't go into full detail or even post pictures, but I don't want to gross anyone out!

The story on Chloe's paw is a bit of a bummer.  I don't know what exactly happened, but my best guess (as well as the best guess for Chloe's vet and the two vets in my family) is that she stepped on something and got a puncture wound on the front paw.  Then, she probably stepped in something else and the wound became infected.  I noticed it last Saturday and called my aunt, a vet out in Pittsburgh, and sent her some pictures to find out what I could do for Chloe, since my vet out here was already closed for the day.  I was told to soak her paw in warm water and Epsom salt, which I've been doing religiously every few hours for a week now.  I noticed on Sunday night that Chloe wasn't walking on the paw, so I decided to take her to the vet here on Monday.  The vet sedated Chloe and tried to drain the abscess, but not a lot came out, which made the vet think that there may be a foreign body stuck in the paw that had walled itself off and her body was working to fix the problem itself by creating the abscess (perfectly normal).  The vet also put her on Prednisone, painkillers, and Clavamox (antibiotic) and told me to call back if the paw wasn't looking better in 48 hours.

The good news was, the paw DID look better, but my gut was telling me that it wasn't quite right.  I called yesterday to find out when I should bring the pup in for a follow-up and described how the paw looked, like whatever was stuck in there was trying really hard to work its way out but to no avail.  I was told to bring her back in, so I left work early and got to the vet for another visit right on time.  On Monday, the vet had said that if the paw wasn't looking better, I would need to see one of the other vets at the office to discuss potential surgery to remove the abscess.  The vet I'd seen had actually spoken with the other vet about Chloe's paw throughout the week, and both agreed that she would more than likely need to have surgery.  So after a quick look and see that the paw was still swollen and red and the head of the abscess was getting bigger, it was decided that surgery was definitely the way to go.  Chloe is going in Monday morning, costing me a few hundred dollars, and having her paw all fixed up.

Chloe also has a spiffy little e-collar to keep her from licking the paw, which is absolutely hilarious for me.  Her ears don't stick up quite the way they normally do, and she just looks plain miserable!  A friend of mine even said I could serve martinis in it!  For some reason my computer is having issues with uploading those photos, so hopefully I can get some pictures up later to make you laugh.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Challenge accepted!

A new favorite blog of mine, Love & Renovations, started a February Organize-a-thon and I've elected to join.  Am I crazy?  Quite possibly.  I've chosen to tackle the office.  Or as I like to call it, what should be the office but has instead turned into the junk room. 

Having a junk room when I live in a 3-bedroom house with a basement is just ridiculous.  Yes, I have a basement (it's even finished) AND a junk room.  If I had been thinking when I moved in, I would have put all the junk that ended up in the office/third bedroom in that basement.  Oh well.  Hindsight is 20/20.

The plans for this room have always been to make it into an office/second guest room.  My grandmother gave me my aunt's old brass daybed and bought a twin-size mattress so that I could comfortably fit my entire family in the house Christmas 2010.  She also gave me a desk.  I thought that desk was a LOT smaller, but somehow managed to fit it into the long skinny office along with the daybed.  Now, I'm leaning towards getting rid of the desk (there's a long list of reasons besides the size of it) and potentially spray painting the bed (it's not real brass) OR giving it back to my grandma and instead putting in a futon.  This room also needs to desperately be painted.  It's currently a light pink.  Can you tell it used to be a little girl's room?  The room is also just long and skinny, so it's difficult to find a good layout for the room.

The new goal is now to get this space cleaned up before the end of the month!  Once the tax money rolls in, I'll be making a stop at Home Depot for some bins and shelving to put into the basement so the junk can have a new, organized home.  And when the weather warms up, I'm hoping to have a garage sale and get rid of lots of stuff.  At least if it's organized in the basement, it'll be easier to figure out what to get rid of!  And once I can move around in there better, I'll FINALLY be able to paint!

But I suppose you just want to see pictures, huh? you go!

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