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Saturday, January 8, 2011

To paint or....paint

Let's talk about that taupe-y color that was all over my house for a minute.  I'm not kidding when I say it was ALL OVER my house.  Living room, one upstairs bedroom, second floor landing and the wall leading up the stairs, bathroom, and even the basement (but in a lighter, more do-able shade).  I liked the color initially, but after less than a month, I felt like it was too dark.

After my mom came to visit in early October, I knew I wanted to paint the bathroom.  It was a good place to start because it was a small room, right?  Kind of.  Painting around a toilet and towel racks was no easy feat!  But I took a long, skinny, windowless little room and seriously opened it up.

 The previous owners really liked this color, but the room seemed longer and skinnier than it really was.  Don't you just love the generic cabinet, counter top, and sink?  Oh, and the light fixture!

 Not the best "after" picture, but it'll do for now.  Adding two paint colors to the wall and a curved shower curtain rod really opened up this room.

I used Behr's Mint Majesty for the main color in the room.  I can't remember the name of the blue color above the shower, but I think that may get covered with the main color.  It doesn't quite "flow" for me.  I have tons of other ideas in mind, particularly pulling that mirror off the wall and replacing it with two smaller mirrors, replacing the light fixture, and eventually installing a new counter top, cabinets, tub, etc.  Okay, a lot of that room.  It's a little outdated, but we'll come back to that.  I'm doing what I can afford now for the room, and little tweaks can do a lot!

Next up, the living room, which felt small and cramped as the days got longer.  My chocolate brown couch was blending in with the wall.  It took me one night to find the right color, Behr's Chai Latte, but it took me almost a week to paint the room!  Three out of four walls were repainted in here, only because the fourth wall is the one heading upstairs.  Awkward angles combined with short girls don't mix!

Much better!  Next up, I'm tackling the two bedrooms upstairs and the office.  Chloe will also get to do some art projects for me, so I'm sure she'll enjoy that!  Speaking of the puppy, she's gotten awfully big since I brought her home!

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