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Monday, October 20, 2014

Blame it all on my roots.....

**********Just realized today (10/20/14) that I never actually hit PUBLISH on Saturday.  Whoops!  Columbus Nationwide Children's Hospital half-marathon recap to come later today!***********

I showed up in boots....oh wait, we're not on a Garth Brooks fan site.

My work life has been exceptionally busy since my last post. The days were long and exhausting and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was hop on the computer and write something!  Hers a quick recap of my training........


I missed only one long run (my second eleven miler, which was the week after peaking at twelve miles) and a handful of shorter ones here and there towards the end. I missed the short runs because I was getting done at work too late. I don't like running around my neighborhood after dark because only about one quarter of the streets are actually lit!  The Heritage Rail Trail is my go-to spot for running since it's so close but since I don't have a headlamp (and don't plan on getting one) my options become a bit limited once the sun sets. The treadmill and I have an icy relationship, so I try to avoid hanging out with that machine at the gym.  The missed long run was due to my right calf saying "I just wanted to be a jerk one more time!"  I've been stretching and rolling and using The Stick on a regular basis but I definitely didn't do it the week following that 12-miler. And for that, I paid. Got two miles in and realized that my calf was getting worse. So I turned around and went home!

I did find that changing my shoes was actually quite helpful as well. I really liked my Nike Zoom Structure 17+. They were comfortable, colorful, and felt good on my feet. I decided to try on a pair of Nike Lunar Glides when I was at my favorite running store and they were having a sidewalk sale. I'd been seeing and hearing wonderful things about those and the Pegasus and really wanted to try them on. One of the girls working said that for my feet, the Pegasus wouldn't be enough support, so on a whim I grabbed the Lunar Glides from a box under the table marked "Womens Size 7.5". I put them on my feet and actually said out loud "I'm not supposed to like you!!"  Since the Lunar Glides were a return because whoever bought them didn't like them, that meant I got those babies at a nice discount!

Tomorrow is race day, and I'm excited.  I have three goals in mind.  So long as I meet or beat one of those, I will be very pleased with myself!

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