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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013 already?

Hard to believe it's January 1st, 2013.  The world didn't end last month, or a few months before that.  Chloe and I are still here and still busy.  2012 was quite the eventful year for both of us.  I'm hoping 2013 is a much better year!

I've resolved to get serious about losing weight again, saving more money, and having much less "medical ridiculousness," as I described it last night.  Let's break it down:

Weight loss - this one's easy.  I just need to actually USE my Weight Watchers account and phone app to track EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth.  Started Sunday again, and so far so good.

Save more money - another relatively easy one.  I've been doing my best to really, truly follow a budget, and will be continuing with all of that this year.  It'll be a little bit tougher since the last half of the year required me to spend a lot of money that I was not prepared for, but I'll make it happen.

Medical ridiculousness - between the issues that Chloe and I've had this year, it's been fun.  Chloe needed surgery on her paw in June, then I had to spend an arm and a leg on meds for her and both cats due to a flea infestation in October.  For me, I had my wisdom teeth removed, followed a few months later by an allergic reaction to antibiotics, then finally, yesterday, 12/31/12, I went to the doctor after suffering the whole weekend with yet another allergic reaction.  At least, that's what my doctor and I seem to think it is.  I rang in the new year the only way I could.....asleep in my warm bed by 10pm due to the super-Benadryl I have to take to help with the itch.  So how do I plan on having less of this?  Not getting sick, not going to the doctor unless I absolutely have to, and probably getting some allergy tests done to find out what the heck caused the most recent awful outbreak.

I'm resolving to post more frequently on here.  The plan for that?  Katrina over at 'Sota Is Sexy has started a link-up with another blogger, Lindsey Talerico, with topics for each day of the month!  So far so good, I'd say :) And if you want to participate, click here for now.  I'm working on getting the banner to behave for me!

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