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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The master's suite

I wish I had a huge master suite, with a clawfoot bathtub and dressing area.  I'll just have to settle for my big rectangular room and tiny closet for now.

I'm taking this post to say HALLELUJAH I FINALLY FOUND THE RIGHT PAINT COLOR!!!!!  I painted one wall a beautiful deep turquoise color, Mirage Lake by Behr, but was absolutely stuck on what to do with the other three.  I knew the dark color would just be too much to have everywhere, so I was intent on finding the perfect white color with a slight blue/green tint to it.  This was what my wall looked like after purchasing waaaaaaaaay too many paint samples in various shades of green, blue, and turquoise:

That's eleven paint samples!  But it didn't stop there.  Eventually I added two more.  One was too white but I liked it in the morning light.  The other was too blue and I liked it more in the evening light.  NOT GOOD.

Eventually I stopped at Lowe's and picked up Valspar's Dew Drop and Olympic's Honesty (I may have gotten those mixed up).  I was inspired after seeing John & Sherry's grey living room over at Young House Love and decided to try a green-blue-light grey shade.

Behr's Arctic White (top left), Behr's Spa (top right)
Valspar's Dew Drop (bottom left), Olympic's Honesty (bottom right)

 Arctic White was too stark (biggest color swatch), Dew Drop was more grey/white, and Honesty was a bit more green but still white - these were the main contenders in the end

And the winner is.................DEW DROP!  I like it and think it will even better when I have the other three walls painted.  For now, this is what I'm looking at on the wall across from my bed:

I'm well aware it's wet, but you can see how it looks wet vs. dry

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