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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Okay, these aren't really resolutions....more like "things I'd really like to accomplish this year."  Many thanks to Linda over at Little Crazy Home for inspiring me to post this on the web for all to see!

1 – Take a picture every day and post it online somewhere (and it can’t be of the DOG every single day!)
2 – Eat healthier by introducing more veg-friendly ideas and recipes and eating less processed foods
3 – Learn how to cook more than spaghetti on the stove and rely less on the microwave and frozen foods
4 – Do some sort of physical activity EVERY DAY (even if it is just walking the dog)
5 – Go for a run at minimum 3 times per week
6 – Train for a half marathon/Tough Mudder (I think TM might actually be easier)
7 – Complete Warrior Dash in under 45 minutes in May
8 – Go out with my friends more and stay in better touch
9 – Update the blog once per week at minimum
10 – Write down home DIY ideas somewhere other than that little notebook that keeps disappearing
11 – Pay off at least one credit card
12 – Teach Chloe how to walk nicely on a leash
13 – Complete one easy DIY project at least once per month
14 – Buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner
15 – Paint the guest room, office, and bathroom, and possibly stencil or wallpaper the accent wall in the master bedroom
16 – Organize the closets in all the bedrooms
17 – Find a good location for the kitty litter so the dog can’t get to it (back to half bath downstairs?)
18 – Clean up the basement
19 – Buy bins/boxes/shelving for the basement to get it organized
20 – Get all the crap out of the office and organized in the basement
21 – Keep the dining room table completely clear for ONE WEEK (to start)
22 – Teach Chloe to put her toys away
23 – Learn how to drive a jet ski
24 – Save up for a new computer (Mac)
25 – Wear makeup more frequently (black liquid liner with nothing else does NOT count)
26 – Have a yard sale
26 – Find and attend a burlesque show in Columbus
27 – Meet more gay people (I miss my Baltimore/DC gays)
28 – Get another tattoo
29 – Find the “right” shade of black hair again
30 – Buy local more often
Any recommendations for the online site to share a photo every day?  I feel like there's a website specifically for that idea but I can't remember it.  I can always go with Tumblr I suppose....



Blogger Linda said...

I suck and am JUST seeing this. haha

Fan-freaking-tastic list, girl!!! Love it!

For posting pics, have you seen That's where I'm posting my 366-project. :)

January 16, 2012 at 9:25 AM  

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