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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh me, oh my

Look what I did!  I kind of like the new layout and theme.  I would have much preferred to come up with a new header myself, but I'm honestly not Photoshop-inclined whatsoever.

It's been a quiet week around the house.  I've been focusing on getting (and keeping) the place clean, so I've been using The FLYLady's Beginner Babysteps to get started.  I also found an article on Amazon that's been pretty helpful too.  Get It Together, Girl! makes it easy and kind of fun too, though it is really sad to see just how empty my cabinets and refrigerator are after going through those

Summer volleyball is over, and the team lost every single game!  A couple of us are playing twice a week starting tomorrow, so there will be  more opportunities to win a couple games.  I like the team names a little more too.  Monday nights will be Spiked Punch and Wednesday nights will be Starred For Life.  I may freeze to death, but it will be fun!



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