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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inspiration and whatnot

Until I take some pictures with the shiny new iPhone I got to replace my previous phone, how about some inspiration photos?  Scroll to the bottom for some amazing and pretty easy tutorials too!  All photos came from Pinterest.

 I love the colors, the bench, the table, the chairs....A set-up like this would probably work in my kitchen, but it would have to be scaled down a tiny bit.  The lantern instead of a chandelier or other more classic fixture is a great change!

 Bora Bora.  So pretty.  The color of the water isn't the easiest to replicate, but I would definitely try to find something similar as an accent color somewhere.

 The cabinets are very similar to the color I'll eventually paint mine.  Not too keen on the lighter countertops, but it all works in this situation.  I love the deep sink!

Love the drawers and especially the open glass cabinets.

 The built-in shelves are beautiful, and I love the variety of items showcased.

Enough said!

And a few tutorials:

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