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Thursday, June 16, 2011


OOOOOOOOOOOOOH my gosh!  Where did we go?  Did anyone even notice?!

Probably not.  But for a quick summary......I've been busy, mostly with work.  The personal life has taken a nose dive (yet again) while the professional life has gotten better (yet again).  This always happens.  One area is doing really well while the other isn't quite so lucky.  But I'm content with where I am right now.

Chloe and I have been busy bees around the house.  My step-dad came for a visit last weekend, so we were able to get a lot accomplished.  This time I promise pictures will follow!  I just haven't gotten them off of my phone yet.  But things about the house have been moved, repaired, decided upon, etc.  The best news of all though?  I finally got a real bed!  No more air mattress, thanks to someone's little nails poking a hole in it I believe, and no more sleeping in the guest room.  Nope, there's a real queen-sized mattress in my room and it's glorious!

I'll be back with a real post with pictures about everything we've done around the house later tonight or tomorrow.  Expect to see a long post where I vent about my yard too, because it's coming like a tornado.

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