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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Challenge accepted!

A new favorite blog of mine, Love & Renovations, started a February Organize-a-thon and I've elected to join.  Am I crazy?  Quite possibly.  I've chosen to tackle the office.  Or as I like to call it, what should be the office but has instead turned into the junk room. 

Having a junk room when I live in a 3-bedroom house with a basement is just ridiculous.  Yes, I have a basement (it's even finished) AND a junk room.  If I had been thinking when I moved in, I would have put all the junk that ended up in the office/third bedroom in that basement.  Oh well.  Hindsight is 20/20.

The plans for this room have always been to make it into an office/second guest room.  My grandmother gave me my aunt's old brass daybed and bought a twin-size mattress so that I could comfortably fit my entire family in the house Christmas 2010.  She also gave me a desk.  I thought that desk was a LOT smaller, but somehow managed to fit it into the long skinny office along with the daybed.  Now, I'm leaning towards getting rid of the desk (there's a long list of reasons besides the size of it) and potentially spray painting the bed (it's not real brass) OR giving it back to my grandma and instead putting in a futon.  This room also needs to desperately be painted.  It's currently a light pink.  Can you tell it used to be a little girl's room?  The room is also just long and skinny, so it's difficult to find a good layout for the room.

The new goal is now to get this space cleaned up before the end of the month!  Once the tax money rolls in, I'll be making a stop at Home Depot for some bins and shelving to put into the basement so the junk can have a new, organized home.  And when the weather warms up, I'm hoping to have a garage sale and get rid of lots of stuff.  At least if it's organized in the basement, it'll be easier to figure out what to get rid of!  And once I can move around in there better, I'll FINALLY be able to paint!

But I suppose you just want to see pictures, huh? you go!

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