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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


One of my absolute favorite blogs is 'Sota Is Sexy.  Katrina is hilarious and always keeps me entertained.  A few weeks ago I won a giveaway for an adorable state charm necklace, and of course, I chose Maryland.  I may officially be from Ohio now, but Maryland will always be my first home.  Anyway, we're Facebook friends now, and I noticed last week that Katrina was looking for guest bloggers.  I offered to write a post, and it'll be up on her blog this Friday!  Trust me, there will be a link to that post.  I wrote it from Chloe's perspective too.  Should be amusing!

I've officially been Ohio now for a little over two years.  Kind of hard to believe....I've been so used to moving frequently that it's a shock to the system to be in one place for an extended period of time.  I still don't get excited over OSU football, and I still get amusement out of how vanilla this town is.  Thankfully I've discovered some new things to do and see out here.  I do wish I had a few more girl friends, since I'm still pretty new out here, but I suppose I'll get there eventually.

This week is Staycation 2012.  The original plan was to go to Cape Cod for the week and see the Falmouth Road Race, but gas is expensive and flights aren't cheap either.  Monday I did basically nothing, Tuesday I took a ton of stuff to the Goodwill store and did some shopping, and today?  Today will probably be pretty low-key too.  Volleyball is tonight, so I'll probably go to Flannagan's early for some relaxing by the pool before the game.  I've been enjoying the break from work, but I am itching to check my work email!

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