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Monday, April 25, 2011

First Spring

I've learned that when the sun is out and the weather is barely above 50 degrees, go outside and mow your lawn!  If not, you get dandelions everywhere......


And the grass ends up being nearly as tall as the dog.  Not too surprisingly, the dandelion problem has gotten worse since I haven't gotten around to getting a lawn mower just yet.  I do need to point out that the grass seed actually grew!!!  Despite the freezing temperatures, little green spots started to pop up!

After a week or two of putting it off, I finally caved and borrowed a co-worker's lawn mower.  The front yard was absolutely pitiful.  My grandma is supposed to be bringing me an older mower that she had fixed up, but I really couldn't wait until next week or the week after.  It was BAD.  Unfortunately for me, my neighbors were never home when I had the chance to ask them if I could borrow their mower, so I managed to get a mower into the back of my car all by myself (cue crappy music).

 You can barely tell here, but it was awful

 I really need to work on the whole mowing thing.  Not too shabby for the very first time EVER mowing though!

 My poor one told me hose the lawn mover down IN THE YARD!!!

I have a whole summer to learn how to properly mow a lawn.  I'm going to need to pick up weed killer and an edge trimmer at my next Home Depot trip, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  For now, I'm off to finish up my chocolate-covered matzo!  I'll post pictures and the recipe later.  It'll be worth coming back!

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